Looking to transform your yard with a single added feature? Then let the professionals at New Hopes Aquascapes and Landscaping install a fountain at your home in Johnson City, Kingsport, or anywhere in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee.

Think a fountain will add to your water bill? You might be surprised.

Think a fountain will add to your water bill? You might be surprised.

By designing and constructing your fountain with water conservation as one of the core principles, it actually recycles most of the water it uses, feeding it back to the head or inlet of the fountain where it is used again and again.

Contrary to popular belief, fountains are not water guzzling features for your garden. If designed and built with water conservation in mind, a water fountain recycles water (perhaps from the pool), feeding it back to the fountain head or inlet where it is used again. And again, and-you get the idea.

Why should you consider adding a fountain?

Heat relief - Looking for a natural way to cool off during hot weather? A running fountain fills the surrounding air with moisture, which benefits you, the other members of your family, your pets and the surrounding vegetation and landscaping.

Relaxation - Bring the soothing sound of a babbling brook to your own backyard. A fountain provides a great source of relaxation right outside your back door, great for a soundtrack while meditating, reflecting, or just stretching out to catch some rays or read a book.

Wildlife - Any water feature will attract an array of beautiful birds to your yard. Your new fountain becomes a place for birds to bathe and cool off and, unlike a birdbath, the constant motion of water prevents it from becoming a stagnant harboring ground for bacteria or fungus. The influx of birds also can increase the pollination of the plants in your yard, leading to more flowers and a more beautiful landscape.

Value - Looking to increase your "curb appeal"? Adding a well-made, beautifully designed fountain shows your neighbors and any prospective buyers that you care about the way your home looks.

What can you expect from one of our fountains?

At New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping, we have more than 15 years' experience working with all types of water features. We can install fountains in Johnson City & Greeneville of various styles, materials, or sizes. The only limits are your imagination and your budget!

Are you looking for a whimsical trip through time that ends with your fountain being the destination at the end of a cobblestone path? Perhaps you're wanting a metallic fountain to add a European influence? It doesn't matter if you want something simple incorporating a statue, a massive fountain like you'd see in an agricultural pond, or even a water wall in your master bedroom ... Whether you're looking for something classic, modern, natural, or fabricated, we can design and install a fountain to fit your unique style. We also offer maintenance and repair on existing fountains.

Ready to find out more? Schedule a consultation with one of the professional designers at New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping by calling (833) LAWN-411 or (423) 367-1214.

New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping is proud to serve our customers in Johnson City, Kingsport, Greeneville and throughout the Tri-Cities in Tennessee.