Four Reasons to Install Backyard Fountains

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A garden fountain can completely transform your space. Backyard fountains and water features will enhance your experience and can lead to increased property value. Consider adding a fountain to improve the aesthetics appeal of your oasis.

Four Reasons to Install Backyard Fountains

Did you know installing a water garden fountain can help keep your garden cool? When placed near you, it can absorb some of the heat, lowering surrounding temps by a couple of degrees! This can also help keep your plants alive when mother nature kicks it up a notch. Strategically placing a fountain in the direction of the airflow will help disperse cooler air through the area.

Many of our clients find that wildlife will frequently interact with their backyard fountains. The birds, butterflies and insects all need a little drink from time to time, and water features help them survive in otherwise dry conditions. Bringing wildlife closer to you can be therapeutic and can help relieve stress. By adding the water element to your space, you will attract a more diversified habitat, and you can enjoy the colorful critters while contributing to the environment.

A perfectly designed fountain can provide the perfect backdrop to your backyard oasis. The sounds can be as subtle as a gentle trickle or as loud as a roaring waterfall. Maybe your outdoor entertaining space just needs a little bit of white noise. Some of our clients need a creative way to drown out background noise from a busy road or noisy neighbors. At New Hope Aquascapes, we can create the perfect sound for your unique needs. Your friends and family will want to visit your tranquil space once they experience the flowing water washing away their stress.

Finally, some clients need backyard fountains simply for their water. Circulating water in your space will help maintain humidity levels, and close plants will be perpetually misted with fresh and clean water. Consider this as an option for those tender plants that cannot survive sprinklers.

At New Hope Aquascapes, we want to design the water feature that best suits your unique needs. Give us a call at 423-788-9985 to get started lowering your blood pressure, washing away the stress, and filling your ears with peace and tranquility.