Professional VS. DIY Pond Installation

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There are many DIY projects you can tackle in a weekend, but a quality pond installation may not be one of them. Think about leaks, think about filtration design, and think about the appearance. Fortunately, our team at New Hope Aquascapes is very experienced and highly trained in building the best quality water features. Let’s dig in.

Professional VS. DIY Pond Installation

An experienced pond builder should know everything about ponds and have the experience to overcome obstacles when something comes up. If you try the DIY pond installation, you may have to try various techniques to find one that works for you. Trial and error are likely, and mistakes are almost promised.

Most DIY projects come with several trips to the landscape yard, hardware store, or garden center for supplies. Many of the specialized tools we use for pond installation are not available locally and must be sent by specific vendors. A professional pond installer will have a solid plan and the right tools for the project readily available.

Next comes the natural appearance of the water feature and the artistry that goes into a quality water feature installation. We have been building water features professionally since 2016, and we have learned a lesson or two along the way. Our artists are just that– artists. We take a great amount of pride in creating beautiful backyard waterfalls in residential and commercial settings. It can be challenging to recreate nature’s beauty, but we try very hard. Unfortunately, the artistry we have developed over time isn’t something that you can learn from a YouTube video. We find that DIY pond builders typically rebuild their ponds several times before they are really happy with the result.

Planning appropriate filtration is a huge factor that most DIY customers tend to need help with. We know how to plan, design, engineer and install great filtration to keep your water clean and clear. A large portion of our clients have built their own ponds, but turn quickly to us for water quality issues. We have the answers, so give us a call. I’m not going to get into the consequences of poor water quality and its effect on your fish and aquatic livestock. Just know that it’s a hard topic and one that needs to be addressed before the shovel hits the dirt. Again, Google will tell you 17 million ways to clear your water, but we know what’s going on locally. Our climate isn’t the same as California, so those answers don’t always translate well.

Finally, once the pond is done, the work is just beginning. The accents around your water feature are just as important as the moving water. Plants, stone, driftwood and other accessories will really transform the space. Some of our clients choose to do their own planting and mulching to save on budget, and we are happy to help with the design and even supply products from our garden center.

At New Hope Water Garden Center in Gray Tennessee, we service the Tri-cities and surrounding areas. We would love to help plan and troubleshoot your existing DIY project. We have the supplies to get it done. If you get in over your head, we are happy to help. We are always just a phone call away. If you think building isn’t for you and just want to enjoy the finished product, give us a call at 423-788-9985.