Water Feature Repair: Things to Consider

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Water features are a great way to bring some excitement to your property. Not only do they add curb appeal, but moving water will also create a relaxing atmosphere and calming environment.

Water Feature Repair: Things to Consider

A water feature will typically take lots and lots of punishment. We design and install water features with this in mind. Wear and tear are normal, weathering is expected, and patina is beautiful. There are times you may need a repair, and we are here to help before things go from bad to worse.

As master certified aquascape contractors, we run into common problems. I’m sure the general public would like to know the “negative” side of things. So, lets dive in (pun intended).

First, the most common problem or service request we get relates to leaks. There are several reasons your water feature may lose water. Sometimes it is actually a hole or tare in your liner or basin. These can typically be patched quickly, and patches generally last longer than the rest of the liner.

It isn’t always a leak, though. Sometimes it is just evaporation. To determine if it is leaking, check the water level. If you are losing more than 1 inch overnight, you probably have a leak. If so, reach out to a water feature expert near you for help. We serve east Tennessee and surrounding areas. Call 423-788-9958 for help!

Water quality is the second-most-common reason for a service call. Maybe your water is turning brown or green or it just smells nasty. We have several ways to address pond water quality issues. From a simple bird bath-type fountain to an agriculture or stocked pond, we can help with water quality issues in all types of water features. Maybe you need water treatments, or maybe you need bigger or better filtration. Either way, we have solutions and are just a phone call away.

Finally, pumps DO break. Fortunately, Aquascape offers a warranty on hardware, and we stand behind their products as well! Some pumps have serviceable parts that can be replaced at a lower cost, saving you money. Pump longevity DOES suffer if your filtration is insufficient or water quality is lacking. When we design systems, we will design your water feature with low maintenance in mind so you can enjoy your time instead of spending it repairing or replacing parts.