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It may be a pond, a waterfall, or a fountain—or some combination of them. Your water feature is a great addition to your outdoor space, providing a focal point, a place of serenity, and enhances your curb appeal. If you don’t care for your water feature properly, it can become an eyesore as well as a new source of unexpected expense to repair the problems. To make sure your water features keep functioning at their best, you need to make sure they’re ready to last through the cold winter that’s coming. New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping wants you to know our professionals can winterize your water features in Kingsport, Johnson City, or anywhere in the Tri-Cities. Follow these steps to protect your water features for the winter. Store what you can – Maybe you have a small pondless waterfall in Johnson City or some other type of water feature that can be taken apart with minimal labor. If so, you’re better off just storing it somewhere indoors until the weather warms up again. Care for your plants – Does your water feature include water-loving plants such as hyacinths and water lilies? If so, the first frost of the season can kill them. Remove these plants, or be prepared to replace them come spring. House any sensitive equipment – By that, we mean pumps or any other type of device that circulates water. These devices probably are not going to survive the frigid temperatures of the winter in Kingsport, so remove them and store them somewhere inside in more moderate temperatures. Transplant any fish – If you have a koi pond in Jonesborough, your fish aren’t going to survive the winter in a water feature if you don’t make preparations for them. Move them inside or have a heater installed to keep the water warm when the weather turns cold. Drain the water – If you have a fountain or any other type of water feature with moving water, make sure to remove all the water. Otherwise, any water that freezes is likely to cause cracks and breaks in the fixture or the pipe system. This is a major problem that’s going to require an overhaul or, at worst, complete replacement of your fountain. Dress” your fixtures – If moisture is allowed to accumulate in your fixtures due to snow or freezing rain, it can do as much damage as if you leave water in the pipes. You can find covers of various sizes online or at your local hardware store. Whatever option you choose, you want to keep all water out of your fountain, fixture, or water feature, for the entire winter. Winterizing water features in Johnson City New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping doesn’t just design and install water features. We also comprehensive maintenance and repair services, including winterizing your water features so that they’re ready to run again come spring. Our winterizing services include: Applying netting before leaves start to fall from trees, helping to keep your ponds clear of debris for the entire season Draining water features and their piping systems of any and all water to prevent potential accumulation of moisture that can freeze and do damage Disassembling small fountains, covering larger fountains, or adding an environmentally friendly solution to prevent freezing during the winter We also can install heaters in koi ponds to keep your fish healthy through the winter season, as well as supplying a low-protein food which will bolster their immune system before they go dormant during the cold weather You’ve invested time and money in your water feature to get your landscape looking great. Don’t you want to make sure your pond, waterfall, or fountain is protected until spring? Schedule an estimate with one of our aquascape professionals today by calling (833) LAWN-411 or (423) 367-1214. New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping is here to serve residential and commercial customers in Kingsport, Jonesborough, Johnson City, or anywhere in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee.