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Choose swim ponds as a more natural alternative to swimming pools.

If you enjoy swimming and have considered adding a swimming pool to your backyard but would like something more natural and unique, you might consider swim ponds instead. If you have a property in Elizabethton, Tennessee, we at New Hope Aquascapes can install the perfect swim pond in your backyard.

Swim Ponds in Elizabethton, Tennessee

Swim ponds are similar to swimming pools in the way that you can safely and comfortably swim in them. They are designed to resemble a body of water with an irregular shape, surrounding rocks, and vegetation. They are great for swimming and relaxation without all the maintenance requirements of a typical swimming pool. You don’t have to worry about pool chemicals or much maintenance outside of trimming back the vegetation as needed and pulling out the fallen leaves. You will also notice that they will be a great addition for the environment of your yard.

If you choose swim ponds over swimming pools for your property, we can design a pond that will be just right for your needs and preferences. We can fit it to the size and shape of your property and match the design and vegetation parts to your surrounding landscape. We’re a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, so you can trust us to deliver excellent results for your new pond and property. We can also take the time to explain everything you need to know about your new swim pond, including maintenance requirements, warning signs of damage, and other important information.

Choose swim ponds as a more natural alternative to swimming pools. Give us a call to schedule our services today.

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