Whether you're looking to add tranquility, drama, or a point of interest to your outdoor space, a waterfall can accomplish all of these goals. New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping can handle every aspect of a waterfall project in Kingsport, Greeneville and Johnson City, from the initial design through the total installation.

Why should you consider adding a waterfall?

Why should you consider adding a waterfall?

A waterfall can serve as a focal point for your entire yard. Even adding a small waterfall to an existing pond or pool makes a big difference in the overall flow of your landscape.

In many cases, homeowners decide to add a waterfall in combination with other existing water features-such as a pool system, pond, or koi pond. We can create a waterfall that leads into a creek bed, running to a pond. We also can design a waterfall to flow straight into an existing pond or koi pond, keeping the water moving and aerated. We also can add a water feature to an existing bank on your property. You also may opt for a pondless waterfall system, which will require less maintenance.

The noise generated by a waterfall also can drown out ambient noise from neighbors or nearby traffic, creating an idyllic space right outside your very own door.

Your waterfall also can become a source of serenity. Its soothing white noise can calm your body and mind at the end of another busy day on the go.

What is a pondless waterfall?

This refers to any waterfall that flows into a concealed reservoir, covered with stone or some other construction of rock materials. This creates the visual effect you want from a waterfall, the sound effect of running water, but does so without the maintenance requirements entailed with a pond or pool. There also is no open water with a pondless waterfall, eliminating the potential risk of children or animals falling into the water.

Trust the professionals

Many homeowners love to work on their own yard, but if you're planning to add a major water feature like a waterfall, you're better off hiring a professional aquascaping company in Kingsport like New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping to do the job. Our designers have 15 years of experience and will give careful consideration to every aspect of the project, many of which even an expert do-it-yourselfer may not have considered, such as...

  • Finding the best location for a waterfall in your backyard
  • Determining what type of waterfall would be the best fit for your yard, as well as the type of sound you want it to generate

Waterfall installation in Johnson City

When you hire New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping, you can expect us to handle every aspect of your waterfall project-from design to prep to install to clean up. We also can maintain and repair existing waterfalls on your property, or update them if you're desiring a change in the look or sound. To find out more, schedule a consultation with one of our aquascape designers today. Just contact us at (833) LAWN-411 or (423) 367-1214.

New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping is proud to serve our customers in Johnson City, Kingsport and throughout the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee.